How To Use a Rendering To Market Your New Construction Project

Are you involved in the new construction industry and are concerned about selling in today's complex real estate market?

There are many reasons why promoting Residential and Commercial Construction projects are more difficult than ever. Declining real estate markets, limited budgets, the lack of reliable marketing help, are just a few.

Now you can have an architectural rendering of your home or business. Turning your drab and boring blueprint drawings into a beautifully hand-painted watercolor rendering is easy and affordable. Having a piece of art as the center piece of your marketing materials will catch the eye of many prospective buyers, but that is just a start.

Lucas Art Works has worked with realtors, builders & developers to help promote their construction projects and we can help you too. Never had a rendering done before? Not familiar with today's marketing options? No need to worry.  We have created a guide to help you better understand your rendering options and how you can turn your rendering into a successful advertising campaign.

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A Guide to Design, Renderings, and Advertising That Can Help you Sell.

5 Steps to turn a rendering into a successful real estate marketing plan:
1.Understand Your Objectives and Create Goals.

If you are a Home Builder your goal may be to promote your home designs or to market a spec house.Your plan starts by determining a personalized marketing strategy. Questions we ask are: What type of rendering do you need? How do you want to promote your property, in print? On the web? Do you have a budget? Do you know what things cost? Our twenty years of experience in real estate marketing can help you determine what will work best for you.

If you are involved in a Commercial Construction Project your goals may vary. There are many obstacles you may need to overcome. Creating a design of your building. Getting zoning approval from local authorities. Promoting the building itself to investors and possible tenants. Your plan starts by creating a personalized marketing strategy that will fit your needs. Questions we ask are: What type of rendering do you need? How do you want to promote your property, in print? On the web? Do you have a budget? Do you know the cost of services? Our twenty years of experience in real estate marketing can help you decide what will work best for you.

2. Develop Your Architectural Design

Are you in need of assistance in creating the look of your new home or commercial building? Having trouble visualizing what your design concepts will look like? We can put your design concepts on paper helping you to visualize your ideas. We are a cost effective alternative to high priced architects and architectural designers. We can draw standard blue print elevations, or create a 3-D model of your building using Google-Sketchup.

3. Custom Create an Architectural Rendering

the next step is to determine what type of rendering will work best for you. The answer to this question is determined by two factors: 1) your budget and 2) your personal preference. You have a choice of three different types of rendering services:

  • Watercolor Renderings - Watercolor renderings are hand painted pen and ink renderings. It adds color and feeling to the traditional technical pen and ink style.
  • Pen and Ink Renderings - This is a hand drawn rendering using a traditional technical pen. This type of rendering is perfect for capturing all the architectural features of your house or building.
  • Blueprint Renderings - This the process of transforming your existing blueprints into a rendering. This is done by adding landscape, shadows, and any architectural features such as brick, siding stone etc. You can choose from black & white or watercolors renderings.
4.Turn Your Rendering into a Marketing Campaign

Now that your rendering is complete, it is time to create the marketing materials you will use to promote your property. It is important that your marketing materials are will designed, well written, and informative.How you advertise will be based on your budget and preference. Your choices consist of print ads, postcards, brochures, flyers, email campaigns, and web sites.

5. Get the word out

Your marketing campaign is ready to start. It is now time to think about attracting clients to your property. There are a variety of options available. Newspapers, Magazines, mass mailings, exterior signs are the traditional methods. However, in today's economy, the shift is to online marketing. A web site will provide you with the most cost effective method of promoting your product.



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The Newest in 3D Modeling is now available. Turn your blueprints into a dynamic 3D model. Working on your Design? Sketchup is a great design tool. We can show you your concepts in a real life environment. Architectural features, landscape features and Colors. If your a builder or designer and your not using Sketchup. You will soon.

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